Season 5 Patch 3

Welcome everyone to the third content patch of Season 5! This patch focuses on bug fixes, new quest and slayer task assignmentrework.

Slayer task assignment rework

Slayer monsters have been grouped by their monster category. From now on you will be assigned tasks using monster categories rather than specific monsters. This means that if a slayer master asks you to kill hobgoblins, killing low level or high level hobgoblins, or even regular goblins will count for your slayer task.

This change makes slayer easier for low level players and applies to boss slayer.

Doric's quest

Minescape Doric's quest

We have added a starter quest that rewards 1 quest point, 1300 mining xp, and 180 coins. In this quest, players need to help Doric to obtain some ores. He's located next to Taverley's wall.

Bug fixes/Tweaks

We have fixed the following bugs:
   - Having a full toolbox will now show a message
   - Leagues Season 2 cluescroll tasks will now show the proper message in their descriptions
   - Monsters' magic spell no longer go through walls if standing next to a wall
   - PMs, global announcements, and voting have been fixed
   - Construction islands have been fixed
   - God pages can now be obtained through clue caskets again
   - Clay is now level 1 mining

Season Pass

Season Pass

We have added more weekly challenges and rewards.


We have updated the lobby map to celebrate Halloween and released a 31% sales.
Three new transmog overrides have also been added to the Minescape Transmog shop:

The end

We wish you a spooky Halloween.
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