Hello everyone and welcome to the 2nd Minescape content update of season 8!

This update brings you a new boss, summer cosmetics, map changes, bug fixes, and QoL changes!

1.20 & Armor trims

We have upgraded our framework to support 1.20 natively! This means that our builders will be able to use the new blocks of 1.20 to expand the MinescapeVerse!
1.20 also brings armor trims, you can now fully enjoy armor trims without Optifine!


Just a couple of months ago, our stellar buddies have discovered a new cave near the Piscatoris Fishing Colony, where they spent that time trying to understand how the cave formed, when all of the sudden - a huge creature with tentacles appeared - The Kraken!

Minescape Kraken

This new Minescape boss is not for everyone - its fierce magical attacks can cut through your armors with ease, so be cautious, and before heading there, make sure to bring some type of long distance weapon, as your melee weapons will not be able to reach or damage the beast.

The boss drops a new magic staff - Trident of the seas! This new weapon requires level 70 to wield, deals 70 base damage and an extra 20% when you are wet ! The special makes the player wet for 2 minutes, slightly reducing the player's speed as a side-effect. Trying to swim will also mark the player as wet.

Minescape trident

There is also a smaller version of the boss - Cave kraken! Just like the Kraken, they can only be damaged by ranged/magic attacks and slayer masters are currently trying to figure out the best tactics to kill them before they could be assigned as a task.

RuneTale changes

Although we're nearing the end of the season, this update brings a couple of bugfixes and QoL changes to the first season of RuneTale:

  • Added a toggle command for the auto-imbue of bones and ashes - /autoimbue .
  • Fixed an issue preventing cut onyx task from being completed.
  • Fixed an issue preventing ores obtained from mining perk from being automatically banked with the right unlocks.
  • Fixed an issue preventing bonfires from giving a chance at RDT.
  • Fixed a spelling mistake in the Fishing convenience unlock description.
  • Fixed fire ashes (non-prayer ones) from being auto imbued.
  • Fixed broadcasts still showing up on RuneTale.

Summer lobby

With the update, we're also releasing a new summer themed event and bundle stores in the lobby of the GamesLabs network! Make sure to check out the new stores and grab some amazing cosmetics for a lower price!

GamesLabs Summer lobby

We have finally brought one of the most requested features in to the game - bank tab searching! Simply right-click a bank tab and search for whatever you may need!

Dragon tool special attacks

Dragon tools are one of the best tools in-game and just recently our stellar buddies have discovered something...

If you put more energy into the tools, You'll find that you're able to smash the resource a lot harder and instantly harvest 1 of that resource! This special comes with a price of 60% of your special energy bar and all resource rules still apply (trees can still fall, ores can still break down ect. ect.).

Cloak of Ordeals

Cave of Ordeals has always been a fun challenge for new adventurers in the world of Minescape, but until now, the cave has only awarded players with boosted drops and some coins. This changes today.

Introducing Cloak of Ordeals: a new cape slot item that has 5 versions for 5 tiers of it. Each tier provides more damage to mobs inside the Cave of Ordeals when worn, and has a higher defence requirement.

To obtain the cloak, players must defeat at least 10 tiers of the cave and claim it in the pause room (deposit box room).

Minescape Cloak of Ordeals

Map changes

New update - new places to visit!

Our build team has been working very hard and have updated and introduced some new buildings worth visiting:

  • Mos Le'Harmless (updated)
  • Corsair cove
  • Cairn Isle
  • Ship Yard
  • Zanaris (updated)
  • Necromancer tower
  • Legends' guild
  • Combat training camp

Although these buildings do not have much functionality yet, we have planned a lot of future content in them, and will continue updating the map every update with some new buildings/areas!

QoL changes, new features & bug fixes

  • RNG boost now increases the odds of getting a golden nugget from the motherlode mine.
  • Players can no longer drop backpacks and pouches in the wilderness (death drop prevention).
  • Players logging off or switching profiles in the wilderness will now be teleported to the Lumbridge graveyard to prevent unfair wilderness scanning profiles.
  • Added and updated some new impling spawn areas (next to newly added buildings).
  • Increased the alch value of the Hill Giants Club.
  • Entering the shed near the Cooking guild will no longer require the player to click in chat to enter it, instead players will auto enter if they have the key in their inventory.
  • Updated some entity spawn points in newly built areas (e.g. bankers moved to banks, construction workers left to work on new areas).
  • Fixed the missing Ironman server icon in the lobby game selector.
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from chopping the dramen tree after the Lost city quest is completed.
  • Fixed an issue counting wilderness slayer monster kills outside wilderness if more than one of the tasks is active.
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from making god books.
  • Fixed an issue preventing monsters from dropping 2 of an item, if the max quantity is 2.
  • Fixed an issue allowing ironmen players to drop trade in the wilderness.
  • Fixed an issue allowing ironman players to trade in between profiles in the wilderness.
  • Fixed an issue with the fonts when joining on 1.20+.
  • Fixed an issue in the Lost City quest giving players the wrong dialogue when speaking to leprechaun for a second time.
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from crafting a slayer helmet unless the player is wearing some type of helmet.
  • Fixed the description of hard leather body mentioning the wrong unlock level.
  • Fixed the hard leather coif being the wrong color.
  • Fixed the damage received from the level 38 dwarf.
  • Fixed the missing defence buffers from certain monsters (chicken puppet, dungeon keeper, rock crab, scarecrow, skip's pet, tree spirit, zamorakian monks).
  • Fixed a spelling mistake in the Warriors' guild name.
  • Fixed a spelling mistake in the dragon chain and plate level requirements in the in-game wiki.
  • Fixed a spelling mistake in the in-game prayer wiki.
  • Fixed a spelling mistake in the steel arrow description.
  • Fixed a spelling mistake in the in-game mining wiki showing the wrong stone ore xp.
  • Fixed the grand exchange not showing pagination buttons after a certain page.
  • Updated the way arrows work, they should no longer go through walls in rare instances.
  • Updated the descriptions of Ava's attractor and accumulator to correctly describe what it saves (arrows -> ammunition).
  • Moved some "spammy" messages from the chatbox to the hotbar (thieving (both stall and NPC), checkpoint, music playing messages).
  • Added drop rate rarity ranges

Staff applications

GamesLabs is actively accepting Staff Applications! We are looking for players that are passionate about contributing to the GamesLabs Network, Minescape, and other exciting projects. We are specifically looking for players to assist on the following teams:

  • Build Team: Build team is responsible for bringing the Network to life! Builds include Minescape Points of Interest, Minigames, Network Lobby, Convention Booths, etc. Previous build experience is helpful and preferred.
  • Asset design team: We are looking for digital artists to create monster / item models, new UIs, icons and more! Experience in all of the fields is not necessary!

If you are interested in joining our team, please apply on our website at the following link: https://www.gameslabs.net/apply
We look forward to reviewing your applications!

The end

That's all for the second update of the eigth season.
Make sure to join our Discord if you haven't already!