Season 3 patch 2.1 - Bug fixes and new rules

Welcome to these new patch notes.
This update is mainly focused on bug fixes and community rules.

New rules

We are now enforcing a zero tolerance policy when it comes to rule breaking.
The rules fundamentally remains the same, but the tolerance has been drastically reduced.
Here are the new violation punishments. Please keep in mind that we count overall-punishments and not recent ones.

Here are the new punishments:

Initial Violation:
1 week ban, no chance of appeal.

Second Violation:
1 month ban, with no chance of appeal.

Third Violation:
Permanent ban, 1 chance of appeal after 6 months.

Staff re-structuration

Our short-term and long term goals are to create a respected staff team. In order to do so, we need to have new rules regarding our staff members:

Rule 1:
No staff member can be in a clan. Being in a discord is fine, being actively in a clan is not.

Rule 2:
No staff can be considered biased by the community. If they are, they shouldn't be in the staff team.

Rule 3:
No staff can be inactive for a long period of time.

We have also changed the way we organize ourselves internally to be more efficient at handling potential issues and to provide better updates more frequently.

GamesLabs lobby

The patch

Thanks to Etk2000's work and the help of RockTheFlag/Someguyisraging, we have released a new patch.


Here is the list of the fixed issues:

  • Fixed backpack and rune pouch contents not dropping when dying in the wilderness
  • Fixed backpack and rune pouch not emptying when deposited
  • Fixed depositing noted items setting quantity to 1
  • Fixed lobby inventory being sent on every movement after switching profiles (RSP might still attempt to send still tho)
  • Fixed right click withdraw on noted_none
  • Global chat and /shout now respect ignore list
  • Fixed a bug preventing restoration of blocks when using the color gun gadget

Additions and Changes

Here is the list of the new additions/changes:

  • /ignore and /unignore can now be used on players in other instances
  • Cross-instance /msg
  • Depositing single stackable item will no longer ask for quantity
  • Interacting with the Minescape NPC in the lobby opens instance list
  • Muted players can no longer /msg or /shout
  • Stackable items can no longer be withdrawn as noted

The end

That's it for this patch!
We have deployed new weekly challenges on the network for you to enjoy!
If you have any questions about the new rules or the update, feel free to ask them on our Discord.
Happy grinding!

Minescape Lumbridge Castle