Season 3 patch 1.1 QoL and gameplay tweaks

Welcome everyone to these new patch notes.
We are currently working on a major content update (clue scrolls). In the meantime we are deploying a patch to address several issues and bring a bit more light to some skills and features.

Quality of Life improvements

Here is the list of QoL features we've added. Most of these come from our suggestion channel on Discord.

Item blacklist

A /blacklist command has been added. Select an item in your main hand and execute this command. Blacklisted items are not picked-up.
This command will allow you to grind without the hassle of picking up trash items.

Minescape item blacklist

Ship routes

We've noticed that some people  had issues finding the route to Crandor and Entrana. We've added a ship route from Port-Sarim to Crandor and Entrana.


You can now skip a job by using the coins in your bank. Whilst this is not a major change, this will save you a bit of time whilst training exploration with jobs.

XP gains

You can now toggle the way your xp gains are shown to you. The default mode allows you to keep track of you recently earned XP. The second mode allows you to see the remaining XP for your next level of the current skill you are training.

Minescape xp gain settings
Minescape alternative xp tracker


This change was suggested by a few people. You will no longer get tasks that are very low for your slayer or combat level.


We've added a /res command to go back to the start of the agility course. This is a very useful command for speedrunners.

Minescape Lumbridge agility course


You can now check if your friends are online. Future updates will allow you to check your friends stats and to teleport to their instance.
You may right-click players in non PvP areas to obtain information about them as well!

Bug report command


A /bug command has been added to get a link to our bug tracker form.


We've swapped the models of normal chickens and puffy chickens.


Book Of Spells has been added to the in-between city playlist.

Item messages

Our recent change with wilderness gravestones added a list of items received from killing someone. We've removed messages when receiving drops from a Player in the Wilderness to prevent your chat from being spammed with unnecessary text.

Gameplay changes

This patch comes with several gameplay tweaks. Most of these come from our suggestion channel on Discord.


You can now place blocks in the water. Sand can no longer be placed in the air.
Teleport tablets no longer require a magic level to be crafted. This will make the lectern worth buying and will create a market for teleport tablets.


The construction cape now allows you to fly on your island.
The fishing cape has a new /fishing command that teleports you to the fishing guild.
Cape teleport cool-downs have been reduced from 15 minutes to 10 minutes.


We've decreased the crafting times of dragon hide armors by a factor of 3 and added elemental staves crafting, unlocked at level 1.

Minescape Crafting skill UI


As requested by the community, we've added mithril swords to Varrock's blade shop.


Coal can now be gathered by killing crawling hands, thugs and earth warriors. This should create a stronger market for coal. Low level players will be able to earn money by selling coal to high level smiths.


The incerator original intent was to give firemakers an option to make money by burning the logs into ashes and selling those in the markets.
However, this never turned out to actually function the way we intended.
It quickly ended up being dead content. In hopes of reviving the content and making it work like its original niche design we buffed the incinerator.

You will now receive one ash per log and you will earn more prayer xp by burning bones in the incinerator.

Minescape Incinerator


The success rate has been changed. Starting at 95% success rate for low level fish to 85% for end-game fish. This will make fishing easier for low levels and a tad harder for end-game grinders.


In order to bring more gems to the economy, we've increased the drop rate of gems from ores.


Bows and crossbows have been buffed by 10%.
Some end-game armor pieces now provide you a damage buffer in order to be competitive with barrow armors.

Red dhide: 1%
Black dhide: 2%
Mystic: 1%
Druidic: 2%
D'agon hai: 3%
Rune plate: 1%
Dragon chain: 2%
Dragon plate: 3%

Minescape dragon plate armor

Weapon changes
The Kalphite whip has been buffed to 120 damage with 50,000 durability points.
Dharok's greataxe has been nerfed to 192 damage.
The Granite Maul's special is now triggered by right-clicking.
The Hill-giant club now deals max damage every time it hits and its damage has been nerfed to 135.

Minescape hill giant club

Armor changes
Ahrim's effect will now always trigger.
Karil's effect has been changed to a 10% change of hitting twice.
Torag's effect has been changed to a 20% chance of blocking attacks.
Verac's effect has been buffed from 10% reduction to 20% reduction lasting 10 seconds instead of 5 seconds.


We've removed several unnecessary green dragon spawns in Taverley's dungeon.
Wilderness slayer tasks will now grant X3 instead of X2 points to make it more attractive.

We've also changed some boss drop tables and gave each of them another reason to grind them.
We've added runes to the Evil Chicken, Coal to the Giant Mole, flowers to the Kalphite Queen, removed runes and flowers from King Black Dragon, added more coins to Obor and added more bones to the Creature.

Minescape boss drop table

The end

That's it for this patch. We are actively working on clue scrolls, and we are trying to release them in one week.
Make sure to join our Discord to stay up to date with our patches.