Ironman mode

Hello everyone :)
Two days have passed since our last patch and we have great news.

Our remote player/player sharding works as expected and we have decided to put the default chat to instance mode to keep it clean.
This new patch is focused on bringing a new gamemode to Minescape: The ironman gamemode!

Minescape Ironman

The ironman gamemode is a special version of Minescape that requires players to be self-sufficient.
This gamemode runs on its own instances (so you don't need an extra profile to play it!) and is linked to the main Minescape mode through remote players/sharding.

From now on, when selecting Minescape in the game selector, you will be able to chose from two different modes!

Game selector

The ironman gamemode comes with three possible modes.


Ironman is the default mode. Here is the list of all the restriction:

  • No trading You may not trade with any player. The Grand Exchange is also disabled.
  • No item inbox You may not use an item inbox.
    Normal bank
  • No DXP DXP is off
  • No multi-combat bosses You cannot interact with players to fight a monster. Multi-combat is, however, possible against player in deep wilderness.
  • No combat XP against players You will not earn xp from pvp-ing.
  • Stock stores You may not buy over-stocked items (items sold by players through stock stores).
  • No staking You may not stake in the duel arena.

Hardcore Ironman

The hardcore ironman inherits from the default ironman rules and has the following extra restrictions and comes with only one life:

  • Dying Dying from non minigames (Outside of CoO, Pvp arena) will revoke your hardcore status and your stats will be frozen in the hardcore ironman leaderboard. Once dead, you may continue as a normal ironman.
    Please keep in mind that we will not put you back to hardcore ironman if you die by your fault/accident. If you die by a mysterious bug, make sure to send us video evidence.
    Hardcore ironman armor
    Hardcore death

Ultimate Ironman

The hardcore ironman inherits from the default ironman rules and has the following extra restrictions:

  • No banking You may not use a bank nor a bank deposit. Clicking with a banker will allow you to note items.
    Item noting

Minescape changes

Along the side we have also worked on these following changes to Minescape, available in both gamemodes:

  • Alchemy We have reworked the alchemy prices for rune ores/bars/items. We buffed the alchemy prices as suggested by different members of the community.
  • Datrixel Datrixel can now help you in-game by giving you a backpack back (it was a must for the ultimate ironman mode).. Or by linking you the loss item report form!.

The end

That's all for this patch!
Let's get grinding!
Feel free to send us feedback and suggestions about our games on our Discord.