Season 1 Week 2

Hello everyone and welcome to our first weekly update!

The network has been updated and a few bugs were fixed and new content added.

New content

  • 5 new Minescape quests
  • New weekly challenges
  • Minescape map update (Taverley wall + map fixes)
  • Combat skills have been changed (damage from your level is now applied as a buffer)
  • GB-64 [GhostRun] Give the ghost night vision
  • GB-81 Prayer regen buff
  • GB-106 Rename essence mine NPC to "Egrus"
  • GB-116 Buff Cooking XP rates
  • GB-123 [Apocalypse] Make chat global.
  • GB-125 [Minescape] Make the flax quest available for crafting level 1, in stead of 10 as it is now.
  • GB-128 [Minescape] Magic damage hologram
  • GB-130 Add Pagination to the active offers section of the Grand Exchange
  • GB-141 Firemaking maple logs
  • GB-142 [Minescape] Make strength a buffer instead of a static increase
  • GB-143 Rebalance the healing prayer

Bug fixes

  • GB-6 Quiddcraft kicks you for flying
  • GB-36 Basically was setting up a custom sell offer for ...
  • GB-37 fishing shop port sarim
  • GB-38 Wizards
  • GB-39 Magma block damages players
  • GB-40 Mass buying bug
  • GB-41 CB level & skull showing next to name in player list despite not being in PvP area
  • GB-43 Going to HUB causes a drop of GUI item
  • GB-44 Spaces missing in slayer tasks
  • GB-45 Sardines at Draynor Village not fishable
  • GB-46 Noted Food items
  • GB-49 Infinite Feathers & arrowtips
  • GB-50 Glowstone in arcade
  • GB-54 new sign gui breaks slabs
  • GB-56 Mining/smithing exp buff not yet active
  • GB-58 Smithing item without item's equipment requirements met, gives a warning
  • GB-73 Arrows not functioning properly
  • GB-74 Kick < 1.9 clients
  • GB-83 Change the XP table so the xp increment is consistent
  • GB-85 [Minescape] Shield deletion
  • GB-88 Attack is a joke
  • GB-92 Using / wielding a weapon / tool does not require the attack level
  • GB-93 Free teleports to varrock
  • GB-96 You can attack slayer monsters without having their slayer level using magic
  • GB-99 bow dammage
  • GB-101 Health regeneration prayers not working as intended
  • GB-104 Falling through floor when tping to karamja
  • GB-107 Arrows dead
  • GB-109 Crafting UI - Use Air as a crafting material
  • GB-110 Using enough potions turns your potion effect infinite
  • GB-112 Off hand disappearing
  • GB-115 Ranged
  • GB-117 The "Travel 0/1000 blocks in Minescape" Daily Battle Pass challenge is bugged
  • GB-118 Taverley teleport not working
  • GB-121 XP display does not correspond with visual xp in cooking
  • GB-122 XP display does not correspond with visual xp in fishing
  • GB-127 [Apocalypse] Lightning still strikes even when you are wearing no metalic armor
  • GB-129 GE Item Inbox GUI only allows you to withdraw 99 items at a time (visual glitch)
  • GB-133 Minescape Daily
  • GB-134 Taverley teleport teleports you to Canafis
  • GB-136 Rune Essence
  • GB-137 Rebalance ranged/magic static damage
  • GB-139 [Minescape] Steel arrows have a wrong requirement level set in GUI
  • GB-144 Spruce tree texture error

Basic stocks are coming this week for most items.

Note that all the GB-* identifiers are a reference to the issues/suggestions on our service desk
You can visit one a particular issue by appending the issue number to this link:

Enjoy this update!