Season 2 Week Patch 8
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Welcome everyone to this Season’s Patch 8!
This update brings QoL features, bug fixes, and content to Minescape.

Before we get started!

  • Assets
    We have new 3D models! You may recognize some from "another project". Here is some information about the matter:
    We're the original Minescape project, dating back to 2012. Anywhere else you see our assets used is a third party illegal project. The 3D models you see featured on our server were made in-house by the GamesLabs team or by CookiesNom from The Spire Network ( We purchased the legal rights to use CookiesNoms' models after the pack was stolen and used illegally by a third party project.
    For more proof, you may read this pastebin (mirror: hastebin).

  • We heard you like updates on your Updates
    In order to provide content that isn’t rushed or poorly tested, we will be officially changing our update schedule. We plan on doing hotfixes throughout the week and our full updates, complete with patch notes, every week/week and a half. However, we plan on continuing the Season Pass Weekly Challenges with their own set schedule.


Bug Fixes and Mechanical Tweaks

Here is a list of the changes we've made:

  • Barrows Gear
    I’m sure you have noticed some of the Barrows sets weren’t working properly. We’ve hammered out most of the imperfections in the Guthan and Dharok armor sets, and their set effects work as intended now. Also, all set effects now only work when using their designated weapon!
    Guthan’s Spear, Torag’s Hammer, and Dharok's Greataxe have also been converted into Two-Handed weapons, which will behave the same way a Dragon Two-Handed Sword would with a shield!
    Earlier in the week, we noticed the Barrows gear was unintentionally powerful, no doubt due to the Brothers endlessly siphoning power from our code lines. We applied a hotfix to cut off their supply in an attempt to balance them out!
    Barrows brother
  • Offhand Armors
    There sure was some funny business going on with armor when placed in the offhand. Holding armor in your offhand will no longer grant a Defence Bonus.
  • Solar Flare
    The level 75 Magic spell Solar Flare incorrectly stated it used 3 fire runes when it actually uses 5! Your spellbook should now show the correct cost!
  • Prayers With No Points
    No food? No problem! I'll just tick flick Fast Heal until I'm full health. What do you mean that's unintended? Prayers can now only be activated if you have the points available to activate them.
  • Banshees
    These darn Banshees in Taverley Dungeon sure love bee-lining to the lava! We've repaired the barrier preventing them from doing this. Hopefully, they won't break through again!
  • Invulnerable Monsters
    There seemed to be an issue with some monsters losing aggro then becoming invulnerable. We've fixed that!
  • Wilderness
    Take your armor off and fight me! Fighting with armor on in the wild will no longer render you impervious to lethal damage. We've also enabled multi-combat in the Wilderness from Level 3 and above. In addition to that, all player versus player damage has been reduced by 50%.
  • Alching Untradeables
    Uh oh! I misclicked and alched my backpack. Guess I’ll have to fill out another Lost Item Form! We’ve added a magical barrier to untradeable items, such as backpacks, so they can no longer be alched!


  • Warriors' Guild
    This week's main content is none other than the Warriors' Guild! With a combined total of 100 levels in Attack and Strength, you can enter the Guild located North of Taverley.
    Warriors guild
    You'll be able to animate plate armor sets from Bronze to Rune and defeat them to acquire Warrior Guild Tokens which can then be used to gain access to the Cyclops room on the top floor. It will cost 10 Tokens to enter, then another 10 Tokens for every minute you remain in the Cyclops room.
    Animation room
    Cyclops room
    You will be able to acquire Defenders, from Bronze all the way to Rune, as drops from the cyclops in the room. Defenders will provide an Attack bonus when worn in the offhand slot.
    Rune defender
  • /barrows Command
    Struggle to remember which Brothers you have killed? Lose track of where the entrance is to the crypts this run? The new /barrows command will show you which Brother(s) you’ve killed and which one(s) are still waiting for you!
  • Mort Myre Shortcut
    Okay, okay, for real this time! We've implemented the new agility shortcut near Mort'ton and Barrows to get over the river!
    Mort myre shortcut
  • Crypt Monsters
    The trash monsters in the Barrows crypt now have more loot potential!
  • Monster Drop Table
    It was easier to find monsters by level! No, it's easier to find them alphabetically! Well, now everyone wins with the new ability to toggle how the Monster Drop Table in your inventory is sorted!
    Drop table
  • Drop Table Broadcasts
    Another Adamant drop from Mossgiants! No one cares! We have removed the broadcasts from Mossgiant drops and added broadcasts for Giant Mole drops!
  • Lumbridge
    We revamped the Lumbridge castle to make it more recognizable.
  • Monster Models
    We've added new models and animations for these monsters: giant rat, rat, cave crawler, cyclops, hill giant, rock crab, abyssal demon, camel, chicken, cow, unicorn, goblin, goblin chief, ice-critter, imp, spider, red spider.
    3d minescape mobs
    3d minescape mobs
    3d minescape mobs
    3d minescape mobs
    3d minescape mobs
    3d minescape mobs
    3d minescape mobs
    3d minescape mobs
    3d minescape mobs
    3d minescape mobs
  • Combat UX
    You may have noticed we added an overhead while you are in combat. This UX displays the current health of the monster as well as the damage of your most recent hit.
    Combat UI
  • Pickpocketing
    I guess I can’t train Thieving on my skill pure. I sure wish Thieving was more like Runescape. Your wish has been granted! Thieving an NPC will no longer put you in combat! Instead, if you fail a pickpocket you will be hit for 5% of your health and stunned for a few seconds.
  • Backpacks
    Stackable items will now be sent straight to your backpack if your backpack is already holding them. You will still need at least one empty inventory space!
  • Yew Location
    New Yew tree location in Seers' village!
  • Hardcore Parkour
    The Brimhaven Agility Training Facility has opened up in Karamja. Level 40 Agility is required to enter the training facility. It features a 3-tiered course.
    Agility guild
  • Middle Clicking Artisan Skills
    Middle clicking when training certain Artisan skills provided a 20% faster rate of crafting. We've increased the rate to 33% to make it even more efficient to middle click when training certain Artisan skills.
    Faster artisant skills
  • Potion Timers
    We’ve increased the duration of Tier 3 potions from 4 minutes to 6 minutes as well as decreased the duration of Tier 2 potions from 10 minutes to 8 minutes to balance out the tiers appropriately.
  • Easy Cooking
    Right-clicking on a fire while having a raw fish in your hand will now cook all of the fish of that type in your inventory. Holding shift and clicking will initiate the menu that will ask how many you would like to cook.
  • Rank Colors
    Does anyone remember the Poll regarding changing the color for the Champion rank? Guess what? Champions are now a spooky shade of red! You may also notice a change to the color of most of the staff ranks!
  • ”Gamebreaker” Title
    We’ve added the Gamebreaker title as a reward for players that have reported numerous noteworthy bugs or exploits!

The End

That's it for this patch! Once again, this patch contains a new set of Season Pass Weekly Challenges for you to enjoy! As an additional reminder, from this point on, patches and Season Pass Weekly Challenges will no longer be on the same schedule.
Make sure to give us some feedback about this patch on our Discord where you may set personalized notifications for the network!

Thank you so much for supporting us! We look forward to seeing you in our next patch!

- Co-edited by Sami, Smidgeee, Datrixel and Skip