Season 2 patch 11

Hello everyone :)
This update is mainly focused on Minescape but also brings light to other aspects of the network!
We are slowly working on revamping our other games.
Network patch notes (excluding minescape) will soon be moved to In the meantime, they will be listed here.

Network related

As many of you guys know, last summer, we rebranded to our original roots: The GamesLabs Network.
We have been heavily working on Minescape to bring it to a solid-state and we will keep a constant flow of updates to the game. However, we are working on different games and features which will soon play a major role in our network's growth.

Apocalypse and BOTH

We have decided to temporarily remove Apocalypse and Battle Of The Heroes. These games are currently lacking any form of progression. We will add them back when they will be in a more finished state.
Game ui

Minigames/Zombies and matchmaking

We have revamped our matchmaking system to allow for better expansion of the network. If some of you are interested in the technical details of our solution, we may release a dev-log about it!

We have increased our minigames/zombies from 4 players to 6 players.
We have fixed the interaction issues on Board Games (some players were not able to select their dice/direction properly).

Games that require some players to be started are now broadcasted to the lobby. (We may add a toggle to have these messages sent on Minescape as well. We will create a poll about it soon on our Discord).
We've also added NPCs to join all our games near the lobby spawn.
Match maker
NPC selectors


We are slowly working on revamping our masks and pets by adding cross-game cosmetics.
We've added 5 new Minescape masks that are available in all our games, as well as 2 new Minescape pets. (We also added a watermelon mini-pet)
We have finally added a display for skins and pets in the lobby. They now appear as a featured cosmetic.
Daily store display
We have added a daily shop NPC on Minescape so that you do not need to go back to the lobby to shine.
Minescape daily store

You can now wear your hats on Minescape as cosmetic overrides!
Here is an example:
Black dragon head
Black dragon head


New features/changes

Here is the list of new features and changes we added:

  • Chat rework We have removed global chat and added a /shout command. Players can use /shout to send a message globally (the cooldown of the command depends on your rank)
    You can prefix your message with a comma "," to send a message locally (to all nearby players, cross-instance)
  • Exploration compass We added a first version of the Exploration Compass! You can now select a point of interest and the compass will point you in the right direction
    Exploration compass
  • Announcements Level 99 broadcasts and epic drops are now global! We removed non-expensive items from drop announcements
  • Green Dragons/Brutal Green Dragons We swapped the stats of Brutal and normal green dragons. Brutals are now stronger than normal green dragons
  • /ignore We increased the ignore list from 20 to 40 names
  • Jobs We added Runecrafting to the list of possible jobs
  • Ranged shop We added crossbows and bolts to the ranged shop
    Ranged shop
  • Bank deposits for UIM Bank deposits can now be used for noting when in Ultimate Ironman mode
  • Thieving Men and women now have a 100% thieving success rate to enhance the early thieving experience
  • Banking Banks now record what you withdraw. You can reapply your last withdrawal to allow for easier banking interaction
  • Action bar The action bar now keeps track of your recent xp gains. It will display the total xp you earned whilst fighting a boss, gathering a resource whilst clicking on the sweet spots, and so on
    Action bar
  • 2h sword shop We added a store in Taverley that sells 2h swords up to mithril
  • Small quest changes We removed the slayer and runecrafting quests. These quests were not aligned with our quality standards
  • Infernal mages Infernal mages are now purely magical humanoids and will use magic against you
  • Rune drops We decreased the amount of runes drops of several monsters
  • Magic rework Here is the list of changes we applied to the magic skill:
    • We increased the damage on wands and removed wand requirements from spells:
      • The Apprentice's wand now provides 1 base damage
      • The Beginner's wand now provides 10 base damage
      • The Master's wand now provides 25 base damage
      • The Wizard's wand now provides 30 base damage
      • Ahrim's staff now provides 35 base damage
      • The Apocalypse wand now provides 40 base damage
    • We added elemental staves which provide infinite magic runes, of given type, for combat spells:
      • Air/Water/Earth/Fire staves provide 1 base, unlocked at level 1
      • Air/Water/Earth/Fire battlestaves provide 10 base damage, unlocked at level 30
    • We added 2 new alchemy spells:
      • Bones to banana which transforms all your bones to bananas unlocked at level 15
      • Superheat which allows you to smelt ores on the go, unlocked at level 43
    • We also added 6 new curse spells:
      • Confuse - level reduces your opponent's attack by 5% for 7 seconds, level 3
      • Weaken - reduces your opponent's strength by 5% for 7 seconds, level 11
      • Curse - reduces your opponent's defense by 5% for 7 seconds, level 19
      • Vulnerability - reduces your opponent's defense by 10% for 7 seconds, level 66
      • Enfeeble - reduces your opponent's strength by 10% for 7 seconds, level 73
      • Stun - reduces your opponent's attack by 10% for 7 seconds, level 90
    • We added an elemental staves shop in Varrock!
      Magic ui
      Magic ui
  • Runecrafting We added a new altar: The body altar. Body runes are used in magical curses
    Runecrafting UI
  • Capes This update includes a full cape rework. Here is the list of the changes:
    • Agility Cape - Free speed pots I (/agility), no cooldown
    • Attack Cape - Higher chance to crit with melee combat
    • Constitution Cape - No changes - check for prayers
    • Cooking Cape - Makes your food bonuses 10% more effective and /cooking to the cooking guild
    • Crafting Cape - No changes, /crafting to crafting guild
    • Defense Cape - Reduces the incorrect armor debuff by 25% (at -40% would now be -30%)
    • Exploration Cape - Allows you to teleport to multiple different beacons across the map (30mins cooldown)
    • Farming Cape - Allows you to pick flowers and crops 20% faster
    • Firemaking Cape - No changes
    • Fishing Cape - No changes, /fishing to the fishing guild
    • Fletching Cape - No changes
    • Herblore Cape - 50% faster auto potion-making
    • Magic Cape - Functions as a rune pouch, allowing you to store 5 different rune types to cast spells with
    • Mining Cape - Increased chance to get gems from mining
    • Prayer Cape - No changes
    • Range Cape - No changes
    • Runecrafting Cape - 25% More runes from crafting.
    • Slayer Cape - Allows you to communicate with the slayer masters from anywhere (except shops).
    • Smithing Cape - No changes - small chance of creating an extra bar up to adamant
    • Strength Cape - +10% melee max hit and /strength to the Warrior's Guild
    • Thieving Cape - No changes
    • Woodcutting Cape - No changes
  • Party room We've added a party room! You can now give items to players via a donation box. When a player puts an item in the donation box, a two-minute countdown is started. After that, balloons are spawned and will drop all the items from the box
    Party room
  • Tab suffix We have disabled CB level displays in the tab menu in the wilderness
  • Ground items were disappearing too fast We increased the maximum amount of ground items in a given region

Work In Progress

We are currently working on two new major areas:

  • Wilderness We are completely revamping our wilderness. Here is a sneak peek:
  • Burthorpe and Trollheim We are working on adding Burthorpe and Trollheim!
    We are also working on a new slayer dungeon which will most likely be part of the next Minescape update!

Bug fixes

Here is the list of bugs we have fixed:

  • SFX when inventory is full Some interactions when having a full inventory were not triggering a sound effect. We fixed that!
  • Anchovies XP We fixed a visual issue. Anchovies now show their proper xp in the cooking UI
  • Super Strength Potion Players were able to brew a super strength potion at level 35. The requirement is 40
  • Unfinished adamant bolts were smith-able at level 54 instead of level 74
  • Bronze and iron arrows Bronze and iron arrows had their xp swapped
  • Giant mole The giant mole was only targeting one player since the Ironman update. We fixed that
  • Chat color codes Players were able to use some color codes in chat

The end

That's all for this patch. We have added some new Minescape challenges to the season pass!

Feel free to send us feedback and suggestions about our games on our Discord.