Minescape Leagues Season 1

Minescape Leagues Leaderboard was frozen on June 1st.
Whilst the rewards of the current season have yet to be delivered, here are our four different leaderboards, for each sub-gamemode.

Normal mode

Here is the leaderboard for all non ironman players:

Ironman mode

Here is the leaderboard for all normal ironman players:

Alive Hardecore mode

Here is the leaderboard for all alive hardcore ironman players:

Ultimate mode

Here is the leaderboard for ultimate ironman players: Points


Congratulations to all of you that managed to make it to the leaderboard!
Each sub-mode will have their own rewards (sent to the given profiles).
There will be unique rewards for the top 3, then top 10, and one for each participant of the season 1 of Minescape Leagues!

What about the next update?

The Season 5 update is still being developed and tested but we expect it to be released in approximately two weeks and will be our biggest update so far!
We posted several spoilers about the next update on our Discord! Make sure to check them out in the#soontm channel!